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A band to feature on Fifa.

Grungy, raw and unapologetic; early Black Sabbath and the spirit of moody noughties indie teenagers lives on with the Hats. Taking their name from their university town of Hatfield, The Hats’ sound represents everything that the town has come to offer: grimy streets, political confusion and social anxiety.

But enough about the conditions that brews their creativity. The Hats released their debut EP “254” in 2019, followed by their latest single “The Machine” in June this year. I highly recommend their tracks: “Idiot”, “Weathered Minds” and “The Machine”. All filthy, all heavy.

In short, The Hats are a band suitable to feature on Fifa or Need For Speed. This three piece are one to watch out for.

You can stream their tracks from Spotify here:


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