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Colder Vibes

We're kicking off 2020 with an article from our newest writer, Jasper Baker, about Edoardo Gastaldi, AKA Colder Vibes.

Edoardo Gastaldi, class of 1998, is a music producer based in Venice, Italy.

Lately known by his artistic name Colder Vibes, he studied music theory and piano in a hometown association and later independently developed his artistic project, focusing his compositions into the world of ambient and electronic music.

Colder Vibes is atmospheric, and at times, cinematic. The grand and expansive meandering of sounds in ‘Presence’ and ‘Wien’s Spring’ feels like an orchestral arrangement of old and modern sounds that swirl effortlessly around the ears of the listener. Edoardo is releasing new music and engaging with the creation of a new album that will showcase what Colder Vibes has to offer as an artist and lead to his name being recognized by emerging record labels.

We look forward to hearing this new album once it’s out.

Check out Colder Vibes with the links below:



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