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Curiously Soulful

Curious hour, a four piece from London that I have had the pleasure of writing about before have released two singles this year: “She Lies” and “Wolf”. If the Arctic Monkeys were to describe the mood of these tracks they’d describe them as “mardy”.

“She Lies” wouldn’t be too far out of place in a Vietnam war move, with a muddy guitar/ bass combo and poignant vocals. The track is a real mood setter that finishes with an “ A Day in the life” style ending but on guitar: a solid way to finish.

“Wolf” would place quite nicely in an episode of Peaky Blinders; the drums pan from left to right to create a wonderful primal effect whilst mellow guitar strums around soulful vocals. The track eventually once again builds to a reverb-full cacophony before ending on guitar feedback. Nice.

It’s good to hear from Curious Hour again, I hope these tracks lead to an album or EP.

You can hear Curious Hour’s new tracks and debut EP here:


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