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Dream pop from North America

What to say about Walboom?

Walboom are a half Canadian half Australian psych-rock duo on a mission to put the world to rights with the social commentary of their single “Vultures”. The duo have achieved an indie sound that’s been lifted straight from the likes of The Cure and The Smiths, given a heavier dance beat and drowned in reverb. It’s clear that no matter how much reverb is on the track, it is a track to be danced to.

The vocals and instruments drift around, being peripheral for a lot of the time, but the drums are where the action is at in this piece, providing a solid and occasionally overpowering reminder that the track does indeed have a direction; it is a little difficult to understand the lyrics in the chorus, but then again isn’t that idea with spacey sounding dream pop?

The duo began writing and recording songs before the global lock down and as such have had to finish the track from their respective countries.. And they did a good job. All in all, “Vultures” is a funky, space filled track that you can listen and dance to time and time again.

Walboom’s “Vultures” is released on Pet Shop Records on September the 25th and is the first single from their forthcoming debut EP.

You can also view this on the Facebook page:


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