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This one ain’t family friendly but go listen.

#PapaShango last released an album in 2015, “Manservant”, and I love it. #Music #review.

It takes a lot for every song in a 10 track album to be marked as #explicit, but being self described as “a circus rock act with mayhem and madness guaranteed to leave jaws dropping”, one shouldn’t be surprised. Glam’s back to glam hard!

Although the lyrics are dripping in everything sex in every song, the music kicks the metaphorical ass. It’s as if Electric Six got together with Hawkwind in the most unconventional of ways. And There’s makeup, lots of wonderful makeup.

The kazoo in “The Ballad of Papa’s Pie” completes the album.

In short, you need to experience this album to several times. Not in order to understand it but just because it rocks.

They’ve got a gig on the 4th of June in Norwich, you catch their antics there.

You can find “Manservant” on and all good streaming services, but here’s their Sotify link to save you time.

All images copyright of Papa Shango.


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