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Wild Horse, a band that promises maximum entertainment hosts a pool party with percussion.

#Sussex based band Wild Horse have been rocking and popping it up in style.

In 2021 they released “When The Pool is Occupied”, an emotional roller-coaster starting off with untraditionally with a slow piano ballad “Happy Love Songs” and continuing through a range of genres and moods. Here’s my two cents on the singles and a few of the other songs.

Freaky together- The Knack would be proud of the drum intro and the bass has a juicy tone that oozes 70s love. I’d certainly boogie to, even if I’d prefer it maybe 20 BPM faster. There is a pitch shifting organ in the intro that was found in “Happy Loves Songs” and seems to disappear until the end.. Which makes me sad!

Pray ‘89- When in doubt, add more percussion, there’s some wonderful cymbal work on this track and it keeps the energy going throughout. The brass sounds towards the end make this track and there’s one fat bass line, lovely!

“Symphony Of Broken hearts”- If U2 and Lewis Capaldi had a baby delivered by that “ping” from Pink Floyd’s Echoes, you’d get “Symphony Of Broken Hearts”. There’s some impressive vocals on this track though and the emotion cuts those heart strings like a hot knife through butter.

#Record collection- The intro is very promising, but I found the snare a little too overpowering during the verse. The chorus however is nicely balanced and there are some spicy harmonies throughout. I loved the guitar playing throughout the track, and it’s a song entirely palatable and but it does feel a little tame.

Tracks from the album I liked in particular in addition to the singles are: “Feel” feels a little like the Feeling had a love child with Moby’s “Porcelain” but I’d definitely chill to this on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea. “Thank you (It’s Gonna Be Alright)” features the juicy organ from “Happy Love Songs” and “Freaky Together” and includes a thank you which you don’t get on most albums. The Michael Jackson esque whoop completes it for me though.

Overall, a very enjoyable collection with plenty of #groove, sweet sweet vocals and lush reverb... I do think “Pornstar Martini” would make a better single than Record collection though.

Anyway, you can make your own mind up on this catchy album on all the usual streaming sites- This is their Spotify Profile.

You can also give them a like on Facebook here.


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